The Official Sylvester Q. Cannon & Winnifred Irene Saville
Family History Collection

Syvester Q. Cannon

This is the Official Sylvester Q. and Winnifred S. Cannon family website. The collection of photos, documents, video and audio clips available here represent undoubtedly the most comprehensive collection of their family history in existence.

We express our deepest appreciation to all the family members who made the effort to look for that old box of photos, letters, etc. that was probably stashed in a closet or basement somewhere and so willingly shared what they found to make this collection available for all to enjoy.

Please consider sharing copies of family history treasures you may have.

Other Resources:

Audio Recordings

Contact us about audio recordings of LDS General Conference talks given by Apostle Sylvester Q. Cannon from 1938-1943.

Journals of Sylvester Q. Cannon

Contact us about Sylvester Q. Cannon's Journals. Click Here to read Sylvester Q. Cannon's account of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. He arrived on April 17, 1906 the night before the disaster.

Biography of Sylvester Q. Cannon

Contact us about receiving copies of "Sylvester Q. Cannon: Tall in Character and Stature" a biography by Winfield Q. Cannon.

Family History CD's

Copies of the photos, documents, letters, video and audio clips found here are also available on CD sets that were produced in 2001 by S. Hunter Cannon. Contact us for more information.

George Cannon Family Association:

The George (the immigrant) Cannon Family Association leadership was reorganized on Feb. 28, 2004. Several goals and priorities are actively being accomplished including plans for upcoming reunions, etc. Click here to sign up for a periodical family newsletter sent via email. The family email mailing list will not be shared or used for any other purpose. George Cannon, his wife Ann Quayle, and their children, George Q. Cannon, Mary Alice Cannon (Lambert), Ann Cannon (Woodbury), Angus M. Cannon, David H. Cannon, and Leonora Cannon (Gardner) joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Liverpool England in 1840 and immigrated to Nauvoo, IL in 1842. Ann Quayle died at sea en route to Nauvoo. George married Mary Edwards in 1844 and had another daughter, Elizabeth Cannon (Piggott).
Click here for the George Cannon Family reference guide.

We are still searching for a family genealogist. If interested, please contact Hunter Cannon at
Click here to see a copy of a letter from Russell A. Cannon concerning the changes. Our thanks go to the previous officers, Joe Cannon and Steve Marshall, for their service.
Contact us for more information on other related family organizations. We are still looking for family members interested in representing some of the descendant families. If interested, contact Hunter Cannon at

For information on living descendants including up-to-date pedigree info, an updated family directory, and photos, etc. please contact us at Data on living people will only be given with proper permission from those people.

Cannon Crest
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