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The Official George Q. Cannon Family History Collection


This is the Official George Q. Cannon Family History Website. While this site is still in it's infancy, our hope is to build it into a well organized, comprehensive resource that you can use to find the information you are looking for ranging from photos, journals, letters, and pedigree charts to contact information for the family association committee members and other family representatives to information on news, upcoming events and reunions.

This site is part of a network of linked websites all containing family history information relative to the Cannon family. Click here to see related links.

Your help is needed in this effort. Please spread the word around your family that this resource is available and contact us to share your thoughts and comments on how this resource can be improved.

An ongoing effort is underway to gather family history data (photos, journals, letters, narratives, documents, etc.) in digital format from the various descendant families of George Q. Cannon and make them available here for viewing and download.

Please consider sharing copies of family history treasures you may have.


Photos and Documents:

 Photos Click here to see a collection of Cannon family photos.

More Photos  Click here to see more of our collection of family photos.          

Documents   Click here to see our collection of journals, letters, biographies, certificates, and other documents.  

NEW!!  Click here to see the ship's log book of Captain George Cannon (George Q. Cannon's paternal grandfather)


PAF Pedigree Files:

Cannon, George Q. Ancestors  (All)  This is a custom PAF export intended to include all known GQC Ancestors. Many of the lines shown here go back into English, French, and Italian royalty including "William the Conqueror", Edward I, Henry III, and many others. Some lines can be traced all the way back to Adam!! (I'm not sure how accuracy could be guarantied, though)

 Cannon, George Q. Ancestors (32 Generations)  This is the standard 32 generation ancestor PAF export for GQC. Many of the lines shown here go back into English, French, and Italian royalty including "William the Conqueror", Edward I, Henry III, and many others.

Hoagland, Elizabeth Ancestors  Pedigree files for Elizabeth Hoagland, first wife of George Q. Cannon.

Jenne, Sarah Jane Ancestors  Pedigree files for Sarah Jane Jenne, second wife of George Q. Cannon.


Related Links:

The George and Ann Quayle Cannon Family Website Parents of George Q. Cannon. An excellent resource hosted by Mark and Allison Sedgwick.

The Official Sylvester Q. Cannon Family Website Sylvester Q. Cannon is the youngest son of George Q. Cannon and Elizabeth Hoagland. This site is hosted by S. Hunter Cannon

The David H. Cannon Website David H. Cannon is the younger brother of George Q. Cannon. Hosted by the David H. Cannon Family Association.

The Charles Lambert Family Website George Q. Cannon's sister, Mary Alice, married Charles Lambert. An excellent site hosted by Mark and Allison Sedgwick.

Cannon Family Genealogy Forum  This is a genealogy message forum hosted by  The current owner of Cooilshellagh, Isle of Man, the ancestral home of the Cannon family is Paul Hotchkiss. He has converted the old stone barn into a 3 unit guest house. We recommend that any who plan to visit the Isle of Man, take the ferry from Liverpool, rent a car in Douglas and stay at Willow Nook. (Cooilshellagh is Manx for Willow Nook).  The area is still home to many Cannon and Quayle family members. Our thanks to Steve Q. Cannon for providing this information after a recent stay.

"Grampa Bill's G. A. Pages"  This website contains a good biographical sketch of George Q. Cannon.

Introduction to this Web Server An introduction to the purpose of this and other family history sites hosted by S. Hunter Cannon on this web server.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints  George Q. Cannon was called as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in 1860 and served in the First Presidency as a councilor to Presidents Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, and Lorenzo Snow until his death in 1901. Blogspot site containing information on the Cannon family, especially Captain George Cannon, based on the research of Robert  Cannon.


Cannon Family News and Information:

If you are a descendant of George Cannon (often known as "George "the immigrant" Cannon), please contact us. We are trying to build an e-mail mailing list for family news and reunions.


The George Cannon Family held a reunion at "This is the Place" Park at 2601 East Sunnyside Avenue in Salt Lake City on October 8, 2005. About 100 people attended the dinner. There was a small program in conjunction with the dinner. Copies of the "Cannon Family Historical Treasury" were available for purchase. To join our mailing list please contact Stuart Cannon at or 801-772-0378. Click here is see a copy of the invitation.


A new book called "An Apostle's Record: The Journals of Abraham H. Cannon" by Dennis B. Horne is available at Eborn Books,  This is an excellent account from a fascinating period of LDS Church and Utah history.


Copies of "Cannon Family Historical Treasury" by Beatrice Cannon Evans and Janath Russell Cannon Second Edition 1995 are available. Contact us for more information.


Copies of Captain George Cannon's ship's log are available. You download it here, or you may order copies by contacting us. For more information about Captain George Cannon, visit



George Cannon Family Association:


The George (the immigrant) Cannon Family Association leadership was reorganized on Feb. 28, 2004. Several goals and priorities are actively being accomplished including plans for upcoming reunions, etc. Click here to sign up for a periodical family newsletter sent via email. The family email mailing list will not be shared or used for any other purpose.


George Cannon, his wife Ann Quayle, and their children, George Q. Cannon, Mary Alice Cannon (Lambert), Ann Cannon (Woodbury), Angus M. Cannon, David H. Cannon, and Leonora Cannon (Gardner) joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Liverpool England in 1840 and immigrated to Nauvoo, IL in 1842. Ann Quayle died at sea en route to Nauvoo. George married Mary Edwards in 1844 and had another daughter, Elizabeth Cannon (Piggott).


Click here for the George Cannon Family reference guide.


Contact information for the new officers is listed below.


President: S. Hunter Cannon. Hunter resides in Pleasant Grove, UT and can be contacted at or 801-310-4868.


Vice-President: Stuart Q. Cannon.  Stuart resides in Alpine, UT and can be contacted at or 801-836-8010.


Treasurer: Gordon Woodbury.  Gordon resides in Sandy, UT.and can be contacted at or 801-571-1233


Secretary: Linda Aukschun.  Linda resides in Sandy, UT and can be contacted at or 801-566-0144.


We are still searching for a family genealogist. If interested, please contact Hunter Cannon at


 Click here to see a copy of a letter from Russell A. Cannon concerning the changes. Our thanks go to the previous officers, Joe Cannon and Steve Marshall, for their service.


Contact us for more information on other related family organizations. We are still looking for family members interested in representing some of the descendant families. If interested, contact Stuart Cannon at .




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