Ancestors of Winnifred Irene Saville


16. John Savill

SOURCES: family records and research by Anthony J. Cannon.

RESEARCH/BIRTH: IGI also shows a John Saville born to Joseph Saville
and Sarah, 10 Oct 1751, Bishop Stortford, Hertford; also one christened
13 Jul 1760, Saffron Walden, Essex, born to George Savil and Mary; and
one christened 12 Sep 1756, Takeley, Essex, born to John Savil and
Elizabeth. One of these?

DEATH/BUR.: date of burial shown as 17 May 1793, Saffron Walden,
Essex, England.

CHILDREN: a daughter, Sarah, chr. 25 Aug. 1775, Saffron Walden, died as
an infant 11 March 1776.

17. Sarah Reynolds

SOURCES/ORDINANCES: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records. Also family
records and research by Anthony J. Cannon.

BIRTH: date also shown as 18 Aug 1760.

21. Ann Dolby

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI ordinance records.

22. William Athey

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI ordinance records.

23. Ann Hubbard

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI ordinance records.

24. Benjamin or Benedict Trewhela

SOURCES: BIRTH/CHR: Crowan Par. Reg., Chr. 1743-1812 (FHL # 246,797).
MARRIAGE: Crowan Par. , Marriages 1754-1854 (FHL #246,799)
BURIAL: Crowan Par. , Burials 1813-1959 (FHL #226,148) Will dated 07
Oct 1818, proved 30 May 1820. (Archdeac. Ct. of Cornwall Wills -- FHL
#90,122). Also father's will, same source FHL #90,214, dated 22 Mar

NOTES: Christened as "Benidict TREWHELA" (IGI entry under this name).
Father's will in 1824 bequeaths items to grandchildren, children of his
son, Benjamin." In christening record of child #3 Thomas (1806), father
is listed as "Bennat," a variant of Benedict/Benidict. There is evidence
that others at Crowan were known variously as Bennat/Benedict/
Benjamin; note particularly cousins on his mother's side, both named
Bennat/Benjamin BLEWITT.

25. Margaret Edmonds

SOURCE: family records and research of Anthony J. Cannon.
BIRTH/Chr.: Ludgvan Par. Reg., Chr. 1769-1959 (FHL #226,163); also
indexed in FHL #1,145,611.
BURIAL: Crowan Par. Reg., Burials 1813-1959 (FHL #226,148); record
says "of Camborne," a neighboring parish.

26. James Donnithorne

Chr.: Phillack Parish Register (FHL #254,199)
Death: according to entry noted on will; will dated 08 Apr 1846 and
proved 28 Apr 1848; see Archdeac. Ct. of Cornwall wills (FHL

Occupations: In christenings for children christened in 1814-17,
James is variously listed as a roper, ore-weigher, and laborer.
According to his will, he was a shopkeeper at that time.

27. Grace Rowe

BIRTH: Age 67 in 1841 Census (FHL #241,265); age 77 in 1851 Census
(#221,070) CHR.: Phillack Parish Register (FHL #254,199)
DEATH: Alive at time of 1851 census.

28. Abraham Stevens

SOURCES: CHRISTENING.: St Hilary Parish Register, Chr. 1687-1812 (FHL
#226,211); also index to same (FHL #1,145,603; item 5)
MARRIAGE.: Germoe Parish Register (marriages), transcribed in
Phillimore's "Cornwall Parish Registers" (FHL #942.37/V25p/Vol. 25);
also in Germoe Parish Register (filmed), (FHL #226,158).
ORDINANCES: Dates shown are from IGI, done based on christening record
extraction. Ordinances for Abraham Stevens had also been previously
done based on 1771 birth year: 15 Nov 1887 (B); 18 Nov 1887 (E); and
18 Nov 1887 (SS).

DEATH: from family records
BIRTH: also shown as Hayle, Copperhouse, Cornwall, Eng.

NOTES: Two marriage sealings have been done for this couple (see IGI),
but one shows the marriage place as Phillack, the other shows St
Germans. Germoe parish register proves the marriage took place there.

29. Ellenor or Eleanor King

SOURCES/CHR.: Germoe Parish Register, chr. (FHL #226,157)
Death: from family records.
Ordinances: see IGI. Dates shown are based on christening record
extraction, but ordinances were also done previously, based on less
exact information.

NOTE: Additional ord. dates: Bapt 19 Oct 1972 SW, End 21 Mar 1973 SW,
SlgP 10 Aug 1973 SWISS.

30. William Symons

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI ordinance records.

31. Maria Jordan

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI ordinance records.