Ancestors of Winnifred Irene Saville


8. John Saville

NOTES: TIB Record originally showed 10 Mar 1782 as birth date, which
was apparently based on information supplied by son, Josiah Saville.
This information probably requires further verification.

9. Sarah Crane

Family records; Temple Index Bureau.

SOURCES: Family records; Temple Index Bureau.

10. William Wright

SOURCES: Birth: from family records passed on by daughter, Mary Ann
Wright Saville. Marr.: Marriages at Westminster, 1775-1813 (FHL #942
/B4ha; vols. 51-57) Death: Family Records. Ordinances: Archive Sheet.

NOTES: Occupation: Carpenter, per marriage cert. of daughter Mary Ann.

11. Mary Athey

SOURCES: Chr.: Mildenhall Parish Register. Ordinances: Temple Records
Index Bureau; Archive Records.

12. Benjamin Trewhela

SOURCES: BIRTH/CHR: Crowan Parish Register, chr. 1743-1812; (FHL
#246,797). MARR: Phillack Parish Register (FHL #254,201)
DEATH: Civil Registry death certificate, copy owned by A.Q.W.Cannon,

NOTES: OCCUPATION: Innkeeper in 1830s; farmer in early 1840s; laborer
at time of death in 1848.

13. Mary Donnithorne

SOURCES: BIRTH/BAPT.: Given in Bristol LDS Branch Records (FHL
#86,986, item 2); Apparently "cut off," according to note in margin.
CHR.: Phillack Par. Reg. (FHL #254,200) & Index (FHL #1,145,618, Item 5).

14. Jacob Stevens

SOURCES: BIRTH: Family records
CHRISTENING: Phillack Parish Register, chr. (FHL #254,199); also indexed
in FHL #1,145,618; item 5)
MARRIAGE: Phillack Parish Register, marr. (FHL #254,201).
ORDINANCES: Archive record, IGI (work also done on other dates)

DEATH: date also shown as 25 Aug 1878.

15. Eliza Symons

SOURCES: Birth: from family records (Hayle is in Phillack parish)
Chr.: Phillack Parish Register, chr. (FHL #254,199)
Death: Family Records. Ordinances: Family records, also Archive Sheet;
Baptism redone13 Dec 1967 SLAKE.

NAME: surname also spelled SIMONS.