Ancestors of Winnifred Irene Saville


2. James Wright Saville

SOURCE: family records and research of Anthony J. Cannon; also LDS
Ancestral File and IGI ordinance records.

3. Mary Elizabeth Trewhela

SOURCES: Birth: Civil Registry birth certificate, copy in poss. of Anthony
J. Cannon, SLC, UT.
Death: Journals of Sylvester Q. Cannon (son-in-law) and James W. Saville
(husband); transcriptions in possession of A. J. Cannon.

NAME: surname also shown as TREWOOLA or TREWHOOLA.

NOTES: She apparently considered her birthday as October 4th, based on
various family records, including her husband's journal. Subsequently
"adopted" by her mother's second husband, Robert Francis Neslen; sealed
to them vicariously 09 Nov 1932 SLAKE. Later sealed to natural parents
on 18 Apr 1989 SLAKE temple.