Ancestors of Sarah Jane Jenne [45f9-D4]


8. Joseph Richards

1. Family Group Sheet prepared by Riley C. Richards in poss of DeanRichards Cannon.
2. Archive Record on file Family History Library Salt Lake City showssame birthdate but indicates place of birth is Hopkinton, Middlesex,Massachusetts.

Birthplace also shown as Richmond, Massachusetts

9. Rhoda Howe

1. Family group sheet on file Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

10. Samuel III Dewey [38nm-Zb]

Death place also shows as "of Dalton, Massachusetts"

12. Jacob Snyder

Other marriages and families, and parents, are suspect as there isconsiderable evidence that marriages, families, and parents are foranother individual.

Another record shows birth about 1752 at Poughkeepsie, Duchess, NY anddeath as 1825.

One family groupsheet shows father as John Peter Schneider, another asJohannes Yoost Snider (with i). Leonard and Shirley Snyder of St. Georgesay that their record shows a later generation John Peter Snyder, butthey have the Johannes Yoost Snider name as the ancestor.

Ancestral File number given above may be another individual, as MaxCannon's record gives birth as 28 NOV 1777 in Holland, death 15 FEB 1869NJ, and endowed 20 Mar. 1901 LOGAN. This birth would be later thanbirthdate of first son, so it is probably another individual. MaxCannon's notes: This individual has the following other parents in theAncestral File:
John P /SCHNEIDER/ (AFN:916R-K3) and Unknown

DISCREPENCY: Church Ancestral File shows this same individual with abirth place of Poughkeepsie, NY and a death date of 15 FEB 1869.

DISCREPENCY: AFN 1SPV-0F and 8WOZ-D6 both appear to apply to this sameindividual.

CHRISTENING: Dutch Reformed Church, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY

13. Nancy Ismay

DISCREPENCY: AFN 8W0Z-GJ and 8W0Z-G5 both appear to apply to this sameindividual.

DISCREPENCY: Ancestral File shows this individual born in Onondaga, NY.

14. Samuel (Twin) Comstock

This individual has the following other parents in the Ancestral File:
Samuel /COMSTOCK/ (AFN:1SPV-6G) and Sarah /HANFORD/(AFN:8JD3-TB)

HCGF page 85 shows his birthplace as "prob. New London or Montville, CT"It also states that he "served in a MA regiment during the Revolution. Hesettled about the year 1800 in the (then) town of 'Westheld', latercalled 'Fort Ann' and still later called 'Comstock'".

15. Sarah Crippen

Comstock, New York was formerly called Fort Ann.

DISCREPENCY: Church Ancestral File shows birth place to be "Of Egremont,Berkshire, MA"