Ancestors of Ivan Herbert CRITTENDEN


8732. John STRUTT

Strutt wills form Archdeaconry court of Sudbury.

8784. Thomas SHERMAN

Anc & Desc of Amaziah Hall & Betsy Baldwin

9152. David STONE

Simon Stone Gen. Great Bromley Records.
David was son of Simon Atte Stone

9344. Richard SHELDON

N.E. H&G Reg Vol 80 p386

9456. Thomas PRUDDEN

Conn N2b Vol 16 p23

9568. John LENNARD

History of Lennard Family at Cantebury Cathradral in England Jul 1976 RCS
This family connects with Crittenden and Carter/Porter

9569. Catherine WESTON

Catherine's father was Thomas Weston

9572. Thomas FIENNES Sir

The Genealogist V34 p167, Collins Peerage 5th Ed V5 p377, Visit of Sussex
1530 p11-77, Dict of Nat Bio V 41 p122, Magna Charta - Wurtz p252

9856. John BAILDON

Belden Family Rec Book
John md 2) 15 Oct 1515 Mary Copley 3) Miss Manleverer

9857. Miss HALDENBY

Miss Haldenby was daughter of John Haldenby

10096. John BRADSTREET

Bradstreet Family by Dean & Dudley

10104. John DUDLEY

Americana Vol 21, A14A138 ped D

10105. Elizabeth CLERKE

Elizabeth md 2) Richard Hatton
Elizabeth was daughter of John Clerke

10106. Thomas THORNE

NE Reg Vols 49-65
Thomas was son of William Thorne and Alice