Ancestors of Ivan Herbert CRITTENDEN


2352. Roger CHAPIN

NE H&G Reg Vol 83 p354
Clydes #1835 & 1836

2364. Robert PRUDDEN

Conn N2b Vol 16 p25
Robert md 2) Mildred

2376. John BEARDSLEY

AM Pub CA Vol 3 p293

2386. William WARDWELL

Encyclopedia of Biography Vol 26 p 40, Anc & Desc of Amaziah Hall & Betsy
Baldwin, Green Fam.
William Wardwell's parents were Richard Wardwell & Mary Ithell

2387. Meribe Lascelle

Meribe's parents were Gersham Lascelle and Meribe

2392. Sampson LENNARD

Misc Gen et Herald 4th series V2 p228, Collins Peerage, Savage GEC V4,
Vist of Kent 1574 p63, NE H&G Reg Vol 7 p73
Sampson Lennard "Bluemantle" 11th Baron Dacre
age 71 at death
This sheet connects with both Crittenden and Carter-Porter

2432. Thomas DICKINSON

Thomas Dickinson Book.
I question death date. It differs from pedigree chart date & is two years
prior to birth of last child - RCS

2433. Judith CAREY

Judith was daughter of William Carey and Elizabeth.

2450. William ALLGAR

Ancestors of Lawrence Williams, B6C12 p239

2464. George BAILDON

Belden Family Rec Book, A1C16, A7D5 Vol 3

2512. Stephen WILLIAMS

Williams Family

2514. John STALHAM

F Conn 10 pt 27, The Williams Family, Norf N1h.
John's parents were Christopher Stalham and Joan Drake

2516. Robert PARKE Sir

Savages, Compendium, Parke Family of Conn, Hartford Times.
Robert md 1) Mrs. Alice Freeman

2520. Rowland(Roland) COTTON Sir

The Heraldic Journal, Am Pub AC Vol 3-4, Cotton Gen, Par Reg of St Alkmunds
Rowlands parents were George Cotton and Margaret Whittacre

2524. Simon BRADSTREET Rev.


2526. Thomas DUDLEY Gov.

B12E9, NE Reg Vol 4 & 66, MS 184.
Thomas md 2) 14 Apr 1644 Catherine Deighton

2548. George DOWNING School Master

Par Reg St Nicholas Ipswich Suff Eng, Gen Gleanings In Eng Vol III.
George was the son of George Downing and Cicely.

2550. James WARE Sir

Burkes Commoners of Ire & Britian, Eng Q Vol 4.
James was the son of Christopher Ware

2551. Mary BRYDEN

Mary was daughter of Esq Ambrose Bryden.