Ancestors of Elizabeth Hoagland


2. Abraham Lucas Hoagland

SOURCE: SEALING_CHILD 9 Dec 1970--date stamped on Archive record
SEALING_SPOUSE: SPOUSE Margaret Quick: IGI (Sep 1981, Utah); SPOUSE
Agnes Taylor: IGI (Sep 1981, Utah); SPOUSE Rebecca Merrill: IGI (Sep
1981, Utah).

BIOGRAPHY: With his wife, Abraham was one of the early settlers of
Royal Oak (not far from Detroit) Michigan. It was here that they heard
the Gospel message. He was baptized March 31, 1841, by Elder Asaph
Blanchard, migrated to Nauvoo, Ill., and was ordained an Elder under the
hands of the Prophet Joseph Smith.
NOTE: Abraham Hoagland served as a bishop during the trek westward,
and as a bishop's counselor upon arriving in Salt Lake City (fall of 1847).
He was then chosen as Bishop of the Fourteenth Ward, being ordained
July 13, 1851. From that time till his death Bro. Hoagland acted as
Bishop of the Fourteenth Ward, enjoying to a remarkable extent the love
and confidence of the people to whom he was a kind and affectionate
father and leader.

3. Margaret Quick

BAPTISM 1988 Edition IGI lists 8 Feb 1972 SL and 11 Mar 1970
ENDOWMENT 1988 Edition IGI lists 21 Jan 1846 NV; add'l date 12 Sep
1901 SEALING_CHILD 1988 Edition IGI lists 11 Oct 1972 SL and 1 Mar
1977 PV.