Ancestors of Elizabeth Hoagland


1. Elizabeth Hoagland

ORDINANCES: Was baptized before crossing plains; date given is
rebaptism. Add'l rebaptism 11 Mar 1970; add'l SlgPar 08 Sept 1970 SG.

BIRTH TIB Endowment House (Book B #7 page 1)
BAPTISM TIB Endowment House (Book B #7 page 1)
ENDOWMENT TIB Endowment House (Book B #7 page 1)
DEATH TIB; Tombstone Salt Lake Cemetery

1. George Quayle Cannon

BIRTH cemetery; Temple Records--Endowment House (GS #183,394)
MARRIAGE Cannon Family Historical Treasury (book)
DEATH Salt Lake Cemetery
BAPTISM Cannon Family Historical Treasury list June 1840
SPOUSE Elizabeth Hoagland: Endowment House (GS #183,394)
SPOUSE Sarah Jenne: IGI (Sept 1981, Utah)
SPOUSE Martha Telle: IGI (Sept 1981, Utah)
SPOUSE Caroline Young: IGI (Sept 1981, Utah)

NOTE George was christened George Cannon. He assumed the middle name
of Quayle while in the gold fields of California. Resealed to parents:
1 Feb 1971 LOGAN.