Ancestors of George Q. Cannon


Bertrade Mainwaring

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 5 JAN 1998.

Adam de Audley

NAME: also shown as Aldithley.
!SOURCE: spouse sealing: film #458135.

Ralph or Rafe Mainwaring

SOURCE: spouse sealing: film #105814, batch 7602303, sheet 24.
MARRIAGE: discrepancy in dates and places. Also shown as in Edgmont,
Shrophsire, England. Dates shown from 1175 or 1196.

Amicia de Meschines Kevelioc

NAME: surname shown both as KEVELIOC or as DE MESCHINES.

Gerard Camville

NAME: first name also shown as GERALD.
!SOURCE: spouse sealing: film #1760937.
MARRIAGE: dates range from 1162 to 1180, to 1184; and place also
shown as Brattleby, Lincolnsh., England.

Nichole de la Hay

NAME: also shown as: NICOLA de HAYA.

Richard I Camville

SOURCE: spouse sealing: film #1903667.

RESEARCH: IGI shows father's name as Richard, not Gerard. Verify.

Milicent de Rethel Stanton

NAME: surname shown as STANTON, or as DE RETHEL.

Gerard de Camville

SOURCE: spouse sealing: film #1903924.
MARRIAGE: several dates and places shown from 1089 to 1116. Place
also shown as Abbey Combe, Warwickshire, England.

de Vere

RESEARCH: NAME: surname may be DE VERE.

Robert Picot de Saye

SOURCE: spouse sealing: film #1553411, batch F508944, sheet 16.
RESEARCH: BIRTH: dates are years apart and places shown as in England
as well as in Normandy.

Agnes de Grentmesnil

NAME: first name may also be ADELAIDE or ADELIZA.