Ancestors of George Q. Cannon


Hugh I de Grentmesnil Lord

DEATH: date also shown as 10 Feb 1098.

Adeliza or Alice de Beaumont

NAME: surname also shown as BELLOMONT.
BIRTH: date and place also shown as abt. 1034, Normandy, France.
Possible father's name given as YOTES II.

RESEARCH: SPOUSES: another spouse name shown for Adeliza de
Beaumont is ROBERT de ESTOTEVILLE, md. abt. 1069 in Skipwith,
Yorkshire, Eng. Is there a second husband?

Gilbert de Gant Sir

SOURCE: Spouse sealing: Film 455016; IGI records and LDS ordinances.

Simon Geneville

NAME: also shown as Simon of JOINVILLE.

Gilbert de Lacey

NAME: surname also spelled LACY and LACIE.

CHILDREN: son also shown: Walter de LACIE.

Walter of Meath Lacy Lord

NAME: surname also spelled LACIE and LACEY.

RESEARCH/BIRTH: problem with his birth date in relation to parents.

CHILDREN: shown as: Petronilla, Egidia or Jill, and Katherine de LACY.

Margaret de Braose

DEATH: date also shown as19 Nov 1290. Wrong person?

Ralph Bigod Sir Knight

TITLE: also shown as SIR KNIGHT.

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

Bertha Furnival

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

Hugh de Lacy

CHILREN: shown as: Walter, Hugh (Earl of Ulster), Elaine, Alice, Robert,
and Gilbert de LACY.

Thomas Furnival

MARRIAGE: also shown abt. 1198.

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.