Ancestors of George Q. Cannon


Ermengarde de Bar Countess

NAME: surname also shown as Vermandois. Herbert III's wife name is also
shown as Gergerga de Lorraine.

Raoul II of Vexin Count

NAME: given name also shown as ROSUL.

Gautier II of Vexin Count

BIRTH: place also shown as Ile de France, France in 983.

Louis IV d'Outremer Franks King

NAME: also shown with titles of King of Franks "Transmarinus,"
"d'outremer," or "from overseas." Reign: 936-954.
!SOURCE: Spouse sealing: film #1760800.

NOTES: King of France from 936. Taken to England as a child by his
mother Eadgifu. Recalled to France to succeed King Raoul (r. 923-36),
Louis struggled against Hugh the Great, Count of Paris, through reign.
While attempting to conquer Normandy, captured in 945, Hugh's prisoner
until 946. With aid of the German king OTTO I, he eventually defeated
Hugh, who made peace in 950.

Gerberge of France Queen

NAME/TITLE: also shown as Gerberga of Saxony, Abbess of Notre Dame.

Gruffydd or Griffith ap Seisyllt Llewellyn Prince

SOURCE: Spouse sealing: film #1553600, batch F514455, sheet 31

BIRTH: dates shown from 1007 to 1038. Place also shown as Caerlleon,
Monmouth, England.
TITLE: also shown as Prince of Wales.

Eldgyth of Mercia

NAME: also shown as AGATHA ap Llewellyn of Mercia.

RESEARCH: NAME: also shown as Eldgyth MORCARSON and Eldgyth of
IDENTITY: could be the same person as ALFGIFU shown as a sister in this
family married to Alfgar III, Earl of Mercia. Check records.

Nest verch Gruffydd

BIRTH: various dates and places shown. Other places: Abergavenny,
Monmouth, England; and Mercia, England.

Edmund II Ironside England King

NOTE: reign as king was only from April until November 1016.

Ealdgyth or Algitha of England Morcarson Queen

RESEARCH: other refs. shown MORCARSON as another name of MERCIA.
See RIN 1126 (Queen Eldgyth of Mercia or Morcarson, marr. to Gruffydd ap
Llewelyn in Wales abt. 1058).

Ethelred II the Unready England King

SOURCE: Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

NOTE: AEthelred II, 968-1016, king of England (978-1016), lost his
kingdom to Danish conquerors. His nickname, "the Unready," is derived
from the Old English unrede, meaning that he lacked advice. Beginning
his reign under suspicion of murdering his half-brother, King Edward the
Martyr, AEthelred proved a weak ruler. In 980 the Danes renewed their
raids on England after a 25-year truce. Unable to mount effective
resistance, AEthelred began payment (991) of the Danegeld, a form of
tribute, to buy off the raiders. In 1013, however, the Danes under SWEYN
overran the entire country, and AEthelred fled to Normandy. Although he
returned in 1014, King CANUTE completed the Danish conquest of England
in 1016, shortly after AEthelred's death. (Grolier Encycl.)

Elfleda or Alfgifu Gunnarsson Queen

NAME: also shown as ELGIFU and AELFLAED Gunnarsson.

Alfgar III of Mercia Earl

SOURCE: Spouse sealing: film 1761166.
NAME: first name also shown as ALGAR or AELFGAR.

Alfgifu of England Princess

NAME: sometimes confused with Elfleda/Alfgifu Gunnarsson, her mother.
Given name also shown as GRUFFYDD.

Leofric III of Mercia Earl

SOURCE: spouse sealing: film #1760781.

Godiva Mrs. Leofric of Mercia Countess

NOTE: of Norman origin.