Ancestors of George Quayle Cannon


1409358116. Godefroy of Verdun Ardennes Count

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI.

NAME: also shown as GOTTFRIED, Count of VERDUN and of Lorraine.

PARENTS: shown as Gonzelon or Gozelo d'ARDENNES (died:18 Dec 943),
and Uda.

CHILDREN: other children shown as: Hermann, Count of Verdun, b. abt
965; and Gottfried I, Duke of Lower Lorraine, b. abt 966.

1409358117. Mechild or Maud Billung Saxony Princess

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI.

NAME/TITLE: also shown as MATHILDE or Matilda, Princess of Saxony,
Countess of Flanders.

RESEARCH: MARRIAGES: if first husband died in 962, had they divorced or
did she actually marry G. Ardennes later than 949, i.e. abt 963?

1409358928. Ansfred I Rollosson

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

1409358929. Helloe Countess of Beulac

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

1409417440. Hugues I Plantard

NOTE: historical account states his reign was from 951-971.

1409417448. Rainer II or Regnier of Hainaut Count

NAME: first name also spelled REGINAR and REGNIER.

RESEARCH: ORDINANCES: sealed to parents shown as: Rainer I LORRAINE
and Alberade. Our records show mother's name as HERSENT. Is there a
sealing to parents for him with Hersent's name?

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI; spouse sealing: film #1760865.
MARRIAGE: place also shown as: of Dagsburg, Germany.

1409417449. Alice or Adelaide of Dagsburg Burgundy

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI.

NAME: also shown as Adelaide of DAGSBURG.

1409417450. Hugh of Equisheim Count

SOURCE: Spouse sealing: film #1903648.

1409417451. Mrs. Hugh Equisheim

SOURCE: IGI ordinance records and LDS Ancestral File.
BIRTH: also shown as about in 968. Verify dates.

1409417452. Louis IV d'Outremer Franks King

NAME: also shown with titles of King of Franks "Transmarinus,"
"d'outremer," or "from overseas." Reign: 936-954.
!SOURCE: Spouse sealing: film #1760800.

NOTES: King of France from 936. Taken to England as a child by his
mother Eadgifu. Recalled to France to succeed King Raoul (r. 923-36),
Louis struggled against Hugh the Great, Count of Paris, through reign.
While attempting to conquer Normandy, captured in 945, Hugh's prisoner
until 946. With aid of the German king OTTO I, he eventually defeated
Hugh, who made peace in 950.

1409417453. Gerberge of France Queen

NAME/TITLE: also shown as Gerberga of Saxony, Abbess of Notre Dame.

1409417984. Sigefred the Dane of Guisnes Count

SOURCE: Andestral File and IGI, LDS Church.

1409417985. Elstrude of Guisnes Flanders Countess

BIRTH: date also shown as abt 915.

SOURCE: Andestral File and IGI, LDS Church.

1409417986. Ernicule I or Arnulf of Boulogne Count

NAME/TITLE: first name also shown as ARNOLD, ARNOUL, ERNULF, or
ERNUFLE. Count of Ponthieu from 965, Count of Boulogne by grant of
Lothair, son of Louis II of France.

1409417987. Adeline of Boulogne Countess

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI.

NAME/TITLE: surname BOULOGNE, since she was the heiress of the title.

1409419568. Eadric or Edulph of Mercia

SOURCE: spouse sealing: film #1760818.
NAME: also shown as EDWARD.

1409419576. Edmund I the Magnificent England King

RESEARCH/SPOUSE: Two wives. Verify names and children. ELGIVA was
first wife, and ETHELFLEDA his second?
TITLE: also called King of WESSEX.

1409419578. Ordgar of Devon Earldorman

SOURCE: spouse sealing: film #1760865.

1409446052. of Italy Duke

RESEARCH: his father was Berenger I, and his son was Berenger II, but
we don't have his given name and title. He probably did not have the title
of King because his father had been defeated in battle and assassinated.

1409446054. Boso or Bozone of Tuscany Marquis

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI ordinances.
BIRTH: place also shown as Bourgogne, Marne, France, in abt. 904.

1409446055. Willa Burgundy

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI ordinances.