Ancestors of George Quayle Cannon


704679058. Gonzelon or Gozelo I of Lorraine Duke

RESEARCH: birth & marriage dates: different marriage dates (with
sealings) shown for this couple: 1010, 1021, 1030 in Louvain, France.
PARENTS: Father's name also shown as Arnulph I of Flanders; parents
also shown as Sigebert of VERDUN (Bouquet IX of Provence) and Kunigund.
CHILDREN: shown in some records as the father of: Ode, Duchess of
Lower-Lorriane (b. abt 1006), and in other records as father of her
husband, Godfrey of Lorraine (b. abt 1006). Which is his child? Which
mother is it -- Ermengarde or Urraca? There were two wives, verify
which one is the mother to Gottfried (Godfrey) and Oda.

NAME: given name also spelled: Gothelon, with birth date of 1023 (that
is year of his title as Duke of Lorraine, following elder brother's death).

704679059. Urracca of Italy Princess

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI.

NAME: Gonzelon's wife also shown as ERMENGARDE, Duchess of Lorraine
(b. abt. 971 in Verdun, Meuse, France). Is this another name of Urracca's,
or are they different wives? If two wives, who is mother of Gottfried
and of Oda?

BIRTH: date also shown as 1007 in Lorraine, France.

704679064. Albert I or Aubert of Namur Count

RESEARCH: BIRTH: dates of birth and places for the Alberts of Namur are
mixed up in the IGI records. Verify birth dates and spouses.

704679456. Balso d'Espaine of Bayeux Count

SOURCE: IGI records and LDS ordinances.
NAME: also shown as Belso of Bayeux, and Balso d'ESPAINE.

RESEARCH: parentage needs to be verified because variation in names of
father given in IGI records, Ancestral File, etc.

704679457. Poppa or Coppa Bayeux Countess

SOURCE: IGI records and LDS ordinances.

704708724. Regnier III or Rainer Hainaut Count

NAME: first name also listed as: Reginar.
!SOURCE: Spouse sealing: film #1760951, IGI.

704708725. Adele or Alice Equisheim Countess

BIRTH: date also shown as about 989 - Ancestral File, LDS Church.

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI.

704708726. Charles of LowerLorraine Franks Prince

SOURCE: Spouse sealing: film #1760779
MARRIAGE: also shown as about 969 in Normandy, France.

TITLE: also Duke of Lower Lorraine.

704708727. Bonne Adelaide of Ardennes Duchess

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI.
NAME: surname also shown as LORRAINE.
BIRTH: place also shown as Verdun, France.

704708992. Ardolph of Guisnes Count

CHILDREN: another son shown as: Guy de GUISNES.

704708993. Mahaud or Matilda of Guisnes Boulogne Countess

NAME: first name also shown as MATILDIS.

704708994. Hugh II Saint Pol Count

NAME: in French his name is HUGUES.
BIRTH: place shown as St. Pol, Pas-de-Calais, France.

704709784. Leofwine of Mercia Earl

SOURCE: spouse sealing: film #1760818.

704709786. Thorold of Lincoln Sheriff

SOURCE: spouse sealing: film #1903980.
NAME: also shown as THARALD.

704709789. Elfrida of England Wessex Queen

NAME: first name also shown as Ealfthyth or Elfthryth.

DEATH: 15 Dec 1002, by falling into the River Test at Wherwell.

NOTE: In about 975, she had her stepson, King Edward the Martyr, killed
at Corfe Castle. Apparently, it was because she wanted the throne for
her own son, Ethelred. In 986, she founded Wherwell Abbey, reportedly as
a form of penitence for her sins. She was the first Abbess.