Ancestors of George Quayle Cannon


88088590. Lambert Lens Count

RESEARCH: was his mother a different wife?

88088591. Adelaide of Normandy Princess

NAME/TITLE: also shown as Adelaide, Countess of CHAMPAGNE.

88088625. Alicia de Colekirke

NAME: also shown as Alice.

88088648. or Pons Punt

NOTE: "A Norman who came over with William the Conqueror. Punt is one
spelling of his name. [or Pons] He was given Clifford Castle in
Herefordshire and from that seat his son took the family name." (Skipton
Castle history)

88088660. Robert Arbetot Despenser Talvas

NAME: also shown as Robert Abbetot Despenser, Robert II d'Arbetot,
Robert de Montgomery.

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

BIRTH: also shown as abt 1039, of Perche, France.

NOTE: Is this the same as Robert de BELESME who rebelled against Henry
I of England and lost Arundel Castle and the title? It was later given to
William d'Albini by Henry I of England.

RESEARCH: father's name also shown as Amauri or Raoul d'ALBETOT, b.
1066 in France. Verify info.

88088700. William de Courcy Baron

SOURCE: Ancestral File (TM), data as of 5 JAN 1998.

TITLE: also shown as Baron of Stoke Courcy.

88088704. Henry de Ferrieres

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

88088705. Bertha Roberts

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

88088715. de of Totnes Picquigny Lady

BIRTH: place also shown as of Wales.

88088722. IVES Taillebois

NAME: also shown as: JOHN TALBOT in England. First name also IVO.

SOURCE: Spouse sealing: film #1553660.

BIRTH: also shown as about 1036 in England.
MARRIAGE: places also shown as Normandy, France in abt. 1074; or in
Lincoln, England; and in Cheshire or Yorkshire counties. Year also shown
as abt.1061.

88088723. Lucia Malet Countess

NAME: also shown as Lucia of Mercia, also with the title of Countess of
BIRTH: place also shown as: Normandy or Anjou, France.

SOURCE: IGI records and LDS ordinances.

88088752. Fergus of Galloway Lord

SOURCE: spouse sealing: film #1760746.
MARRIAGE: place also shown as Galloway, Scotland.

88088753. Elizabeth of England Princess

BIRTH: date and place also shown as abt 1078, in Talby, Yorkshire/

88088758. William de Lancaster Lord

SOURCE: spouse sealing: film #1760963.

NAME/TITLE: also shown as Constable of Scotland.

PLACE: marriage place also shown as Chamberlain, England; or Warwick,
Warwicksh., England.

RESEARCH: is he the same man as William de COURCY?

88088759. Gundred de Warenne Countess

BIRTH: date also shown as abt 1144.
DEATH: shown as 1224.

MARRIAGE: other spouses shown as Peter de VALOGNES and Geoffrey

88088852. Duncan of Scotland Prince

RESEARCH/NAME/PARENTAGE: information not verified. Check historical