Ancestors of George Quayle Cannon


44046276. Roger of Arundel of Shrewsbury Montgomery Earl

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

NOTES: TITLE: Granted title of Earl of Arundel in about 1067 for his
stewardship to William the Conqueror. Probably built Arundel Castle and
the moat shortly afterward. Fought for Normans in Wales and built
Montgomery Castle there. (County named after him.)

CHILDREN: other children by Mabel Alenšon not listed are: Robert (child);
Hugues, Earl of Shrewsbury (died without issue in 1094); Phillip; Emma,
Abbess of Almen.; and Mabel (all preceding Arnulph--the youngest child).

44046277. Mabel Talvas of Shrewsbury Alenšon Countess

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.