Ancestors of George Quayle Cannon


44044346. Reginald or Robert de Dunstanville

RESEARCH: there is some confusion in generations, dates and names in
this family.

44044350. William de Courcy

SOURCE: Ancestral File (TM), data as of 5 JAN 1998. (Other AFNs:
V9VG-XX & TG3Z-7B)

NAME/TITLE: surname also spelled CURCY. Title also Baron of Stoke

44044352. Robert de Ferrers

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

44044353. Hawise or Edvige of Derby Vitre Countess

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

NAME: surname also shown as VITRE COD.
BIRTH: also shown as about 1081.

44044356. Philip de Braose

MARRIAGE: date also shown as about 1104 in Sussex, Eng. SPOUSE
SEALING: 3 Nov 1992, Arizona temple.
!SOURCE: IGI, film #1761009.

44044357. Aenor de Totnes

NAME: also shown as FITZ JUDHEL, and first name as AINOT de TOTNAIS.

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

44044358. MILES Fitz Walter Earl

NAME/TITLE: first name also shown as MILO. Also Sheriff of Gloucester
and Staffordshire.

MARRIAGE: date also shown as May 1121.

CHILDREN: also had sons named Roger & Walter FITZ MILES.

NOTES: fought on the side of Queen Matilda against King Stephen de

44044359. Sybil de Neufmarche

SEALING/PARENTS: shown as 4 Mar 1943; however birth date was shown
as 1684 in Normandy, France.

44044360. Randolph de Briquessart of Chester Meschines Earl

RESEARCH: MARRIAGE: some records give marriage date as abt.1092,
Chester, Cheshire, Engl; or 1087 Hereford (also in Hertford), England; or
1087 in Normandy, France; or in 1115 in Chester.

NAME: first name also shown as RANULPH in France, or RALPH in England.

BIRTH: various birth dates also shown. Need to verify. PLACE: also shown
as Chester, Cheshire, England, and Gernon Castle, Normandy, France.

44044361. Lucy of Chester Taillebois Countess

SOURCE: IGI records and LDS ordinances.

NAME: also shown as LUCIA, and surname as SPALDING.

44044364. Amaury the Strong of Montfort Lord

SOURCE: spouse sealing: film #A184639.

MARRIAGE: place also shown as: Rochefort, Charente-Maritime, France;
or Paris, Seine, France.

DEATH: also shown as about 1089.

RESEARCH: Birth: his mother's name was also shown as Agnes d'Evreux.
Two wives? Whose son was he? Birth date also shown as abt 1070 or
NAME: first name also shown as ALMARIC.

44044365. Agnes de Garlende

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

44044379. Avice Lancaster

NAME: also shown as AVICIA de LANCASTER.

44044381. Ragnhildis of Man

BIRTH: place also shown as Morven, Argyll, Scotland.

44044424. Geoffrey de Lucy

DEATH: Ancestral File gives death as before 1178 (vp).

44044426. William Fitz Duncan

NOTE: "In 1138, William Fitz Duncan, the nephew of David, King of
Scotland, led the Picts and Scots into England, where they laid waste the
province of Crafna (Craven.) Fourteen years later, the King established by
force William Fitz Duncan in the Honor of Skipton and Crafna and
destroyed the original Castle opposing him. William married Alice de
Romille, heiress of the Castle and honour of Skipton, and daughter of
Cecilia. Their issue was a son, William, who died young; and Cicely, who
for her second husband married William le Gross, Earl of Albemarle,
whose issue in turn was two daughters, Hawise and Amesia. Hawise by
her second husband, William, had issue a son William de Fortibus, who
married Aveline, and their issue William, had issue a daughter, Avelyne,
who married Edmund Plantagenet, surnamed Crouchback, on July 6th

44044427. Alice de of Skipton Meschines Lady

NAME: surname also shown as de ROMILLE, RUMILLY, or RUMELLI (AFN:

MARRIAGE: another spouse shown as Alexander FITZGERALD.