Ancestors of George Quayle Cannon


22021586. Richard Bellmont

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

22021612. Jean of Jerusalem Brienne King

TITLE: King of Jerusalem of 1210 to 1225; then Emperor of the Latin
Orient from 1231 until his death in 1237, also Count of Brienne.

BIRTH: place also shown as of Acre, Palestine.

CHILDREN: others shown as: Yolanthe; and Alphonse de BRIENNE (AFN:

22021620. Walter of Meath Lacy Lord

NAME: surname also spelled LACIE and LACEY.

RESEARCH/BIRTH: problem with his birth date in relation to parents.

CHILDREN: shown as: Petronilla, Egidia or Jill, and Katherine de LACY.

22021621. Margaret de Braose

DEATH: date also shown as19 Nov 1290. Wrong person?

22022145. Rohese or Rose de Bolebec Gifford


22022146. Simon of Northampton Senlis Earl

NAME: surname also shown as SAINT LIZ.

NOTE: most trusted and loyal supporter of King Stephen de Blois of

22022147. Matilda of Scotland Huntingdon Queen

NAME: first name also shown as MAUD.
NOTE: the shire formerly known as HUNTINGDON is now CAMBRIDGE.

22022148. Adrian Lucy

BIRTH: place also shown as Dunmow, Essex, England.

22022149. Avelina Mrs. Adrian Lucy

BIRTH: place shown both in England and France.

22022152. Roger Valoines

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

22022154. Robert Creke

RESEARCH: BIRTH: date also shown as abt. 1176.

22022155. Agnes Glanville

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

BIRTH: date also shown as abt 1170.

22022156. Gilbert Blount

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

22022157. Agnes de l' Isle

RESEARCH: William's mother is also shown as: Alicia de Colekirke of

22022162. Walter of the Marches Clifford Baron

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

NOTES: residence given as Clifford Castle in Hereford. Also, the Clifford
famiy provided no less than 14 Lords of the Honour or Manor of Skipton
from the years 1299 to 1675. Walter de Clifford, Baron of the Marches of
Wales, quarrelled with his sovereign in 1250, putting himself in
jeopardy and paying sums to the king that almost cost him his "whole
patrimonie." Clifford Tower in York is a tribute to the family. They were
formerly castellans of the Castle of York. (Skipton Castle history)

CHILDREN: others were: Henry, Amicia, Lucia, Walter, Richard (Lord
Frampton), Robert, Roger, Simon, Hugh, and William.

22022163. Margaret de Toni

SOURCE: LDS Ancestral File and IGI records.

22022164. Patrick Devreux Fitz Walter Earl

SOURCE: IGI records and LDS ordinances.

NAME/TITLE: also shown as Patrick, Sheriff of Wiltshire; Patrick of
SALISBURY, Earl of Devreux.

22022165. Adela or Ela Talvas

NAME: name also shown as: ADELA TALVAISE, Adelia ALENÇON, ADDA or

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

22022166. Robert de Vitre

SOURCE: Spouse sealing: film #1761055.

22022167. Emma of Dinan

NAME: surname also shown as DINHAM.

22022168. Richard I Camville

SOURCE: spouse sealing: film #1903667.

RESEARCH: IGI shows father's name as Richard, not Gerard. Verify.

22022169. Milicent de Rethel Stanton

NAME: surname shown as STANTON, or as DE RETHEL.