September 20, 2005

Dear Friends, Admirers and Descendants of George (the immigrant) Cannon:

The Executive Committee of the George Cannon Family Association is pleased to announce that the family association and This is the Place Heritage Park are joining together to sponsor a family reunion on Saturday October 8, 2005. 

The 2005 Celebration is coordinated by the invitation from This is the Place Foundation’s  family society program and is the first of many future associations with pioneer families who forged the trail that lead to the establishment of the Great Salt Lake Valley and hundreds of other communities throughout the entire western United States.  These 143 strong determined individuals are now represented by thousands of descendants who live worldwide.

This newly-created family society program will allow the George Cannon Family Association to utilize the services, management, attractions and beauty of the park for future events and activities that will further the goals of both the association and the foundation.  Through this new initiative, the foundation will provide day-to-day management, historical and genealogical information, accounting support, and mailing services to the association.  It will also allow for the continued growth and development of the George Cannon Family Association.

The schedule of the reunion is as follows:

October 8, 2005 – If you would like to enjoy the Park before the reunion, the gate opens at 10:00 AM.  The reunion dinner is at 4:30 p.m. in the Bowery just inside the gate of Deseret Village at This Is The Place Heritage Park

o Enjoy all of the special events and activities associated with the park’s Pumpkin Patch Day.  There will be crafts, fall activities, dancing and much more.  The Village will be full of fall fun with something for every member of your family.

o Dinner at 4:30 – $10 for adults; $6 for children-includes park admission. 

Please make reservations for the reunion by October 4.  Reservations can be made by calling Dara Haslam at This is the Place at 801-582-1847. 

 We look forward to the excitement of meeting many friends, acquaintances and cousins at this year's George Cannon Family reunion at This is the Place.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call Marged Kirkpatrick, the director of the park’s family society programs at 801-582-1847 or go to the park’s website at  Please join us at This is the Place!

Special greetings to all,



S. Hunter Cannon                                              Paul Williams

President                                                          President & CEO

George Cannon Family Association                This is the Place Foundation